Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Hi My name is Maria,

I have a small child named Connie, and this is my blog about parenting, life and love.

I am only able to have this blog because of my proud sponsors. Please see a little bit about them and the Mum and parenting products they do:

Baby Jogger Strollers and Prams. If you are on the market for a pram then look no further then a baby Jogger. Ranked number one in Australia for Quality and price. Baby Jogger is actually a world wide brand and The amazing Baby Company is the sole distributor in the Australia. 

The Amazing baby Company is also the distributor for 4moms baby bouncers and also MiaMilly. They basically produce the best baby products in Australia. They are located locally in nunawadding and have a large warehouse of stock. 

I was also very lucky to have a friend who has a Airbnb Management Company that supports my blog. 

We also like to thank Bayside house Hostel

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